суббота, 20 августа 2011 г.

As I want to change the surrounding people better!

I very much hope that, scientists have invented a medicine for immortality, or at least slow down aging. Many people on our planet is afraid of death, afraid to grow old and become unnecessary for his family. Personally, I do not think so, because in whatever age we are, we always need your family and friends. We must live life from the beginning to the end. We have to go through life with a smile, trying to take everything out of life, try to play in all professions, all in time for their lives. But everyone understands that life is not as long as we seems. 
Also I hope that people will sensitive to wildlife. In our world, are many rare animals and plants. People must learn to protect the living world and not clog the nature of industrial waste and garbage. 
Throughout the world, increased crime. Very frequent bombings and attacks on people. Once there was a terrible hostage-taking in the Nord-Ost ". They placed first in Moscow musical. Many people have lost their loved ones. I believe we must begin actively to combat the crime, that innocent people did not die at the hands of killers . 
I try to live easily go through life with a smile, learn everything that they give me, and take everything from life! This year I went to a new school, the gymnasium, was to teach the Japanese language. I started going to study in the theater, where I studied for two years and then will play in the main cast. I am for this year has done much for my life and glad of it. But trying to take a lot of life, we must try not to miss something very important. I advise everybody to learn, strive to improve their lives, hurry to pay attention to your family, do not rush life, because it is very short.

This is my first record

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